Lexi Welanetz-Bursin

Licensed Clinical Psychologist – PSY16306


Lexi Welanetz, Psy.D.


Over the years, I have had a variety of experiences that led to the inception of the Family Resource Counseling Center. Early in my clinical experience as a Psychologist, I had the opportunity to develop and supervise onsite counseling programs for students at University and Del Rey High School. This experience enhanced my ability to assist teens and their families in improving their relationships, communication and coping strategies.

In addition to working with adolescents, I have developed a specialization in couples counseling and parenting skills. I love working with couples to unravel the mystery of keeping the passion in their relationship alive and developing intimacy. In regards to parenting, as a mother myself, I understand that our increasingly complex culture creates more challenges for parents. Assisting parents in understanding their children’s behavior and developmental issues, as well as improving communication, are the key focus of my parenting skills training.

In addition, I work part-time as a psychologist at Cedars-Sinai Hospital, which allows me to treat clients in an inpatient setting with urgent concerns that typically compromise their ability to cope independently. In the hospital, I have counseled people on a variety of serious concerns, including: eating disorders, trauma, suicidal ideation, pain disorders, mood disorders and chronic mental illness. My work with eating disorders has increased as these disorders have become more prevalent in our society. I have counseled those suffering from this life-threatening addiction to develop more effective coping skills and resolve the underlying dynamics that have fostered the addiction. Unfortunately, family members often unwittingly collude with the addiction, which has led me to provide education and counseling to the families as a means to increase the odds for success and rehabilitation.

Recently, I appeared on Fox News and Good Day LA, advising viewers on important community issues related to parenting skills, coping with the fires throughout Southern California and understanding the psychological implications behind teen bullying and media sources.

Along with being a licensed psychologist, I am a certified Hypnotherapist, Qualified Medical Examiner and Psychology of Money consultant. I feel that these diverse certifications only enhance my skills as a clinician. Providing competent therapy is my priority. I will strive to provide guidance and support that is going to make a difference to you and get you more of what you want!