Michele Robin Hahn, JD, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist #96478

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I know that by seeking out a therapist, you are taking an important step for yourself.  You may be in pain or turmoil and need to feel supported, accepted and heard.  You may not have been able to unleash your truth before. You may be facing challenges that seem too heavy to carry. Therapy is a safe place to bring your heaviness and set it down, look at it, find forgiveness, compassion, insights and solutions.

My fascination with the human condition started in my early childhood. I was always intrigued with human emotions, thoughts and behaviors. After my first career in law, raising a daughter, nurturing a marriage and navigating my way through the early adulthood, I returned to my original, and true passion: psychology. I believe in human potential. I strongly believe that positive transformation happens through self-love, loving relationships and the ability to handle strong emotions in the face of conflict or challenging times.

My therapy style is an integration of my life experience and education.  Law school and the world of law revealed to me a great deal about human nature in conflict and under stress.  Whether you are dealing with grief, marital/relationship distress, parenting issues or personal development challenges, therapy is meant to provide a safe, empathic place to explore and better understand your inner and outer conflicts.  In a non-judgmental setting, I am committed to helping you find your own path to grow and flourish.

I offer a 4 Visit Comprehensive Couples Assessments for couples  (LGBTQQIA Affirmative).  Collaboration takes place in every stage. Individuals, Partners, Couples and Families seek therapy with me because they find that something is not working in their relationships or family dynamics.  Finding the right therapist and creating lasting change can be accomplished.

I’m told by my clients that they find me warm, informative, non-judgmental, attentive and insightful.  I have a background in the legal field, which lends itself well when helping break down complex problems into manageable, solvable issues.

11500 W. Olympic Blvd. #578 Los Angeles, CA 90064.   (424) 645-7776  (leave a confidential voicemail and I will return your call as soon as possible)