Our Story

Director – Lexi Welanetz-Bursin, Psy.D.

Drawing from our own experiences and from requests of professionals in the community, we recognized a need for flexible, affordable psychotherapy within a private practice setting. Often families must travel all over the city in order to meet their therapeutic needs. At APS, we have brought together a team of therapists who work with a variety of populations, including infants and caregivers, children, adolescents and adults. We have taken into account stressful schedules and financial needs to try and make the process as smooth as possible while meeting the specific needs of individuals and families. Our office is professional, yet comfortable as our center is committed to maintaining a youthful and fun-loving spirit. We believe the therapeutic experience is enhanced by a good match between the therapist and client. It is therefore our sincere interest to offer quality counseling services by a team of therapists with diverse expertise. Our goal is to go beyond “How does that make you feel?” We utilize practical, strength-based approaches and draw from real-life experiences to make the therapy meaningful.

Who We Are

With an office located in West Los Angeles, California, Advantage Psychological Services offers an integrated network of services. Our private practice psychologists provide services for children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples. A variety of educational and support groups are also offered, as well as DUI evaluation services.

Our Mission

We are committed to offering quality services within a nurturing environment to accelerate positive growth and healing. Our array of confidential therapeutic services will help individuals and families work effectively to achieve their goals. Our sincere interest is in working as a team to make a positive impact on each individual family’s well-being.

Our Philosophy

Families and individuals want the best for those they love, as well as for themselves. We address current issues to work towards a healthy future. Creating resiliency, offering nurturance, and strengthening relationships is imperative for the well-being of everyone. Our therapists are able to offer these services, employing a strength based approach. We work from the client’s needs, truly listening , while offering the necessary support and guidance to create a meaningful experience that will continue to enhance relationships and create hope, impacting each client indefinitely.  Our philosophy is centered around building strength, offering nurturance, and utilizing guidance to assist individuals in creating coping skills and future goals. Current challenges can be addressed while potential dreams are reached.