At the Family Resource Counseling Center, we offer guidance on healthy development to parents with infants. Having an infant can be a rewarding yet very challenging experience for families. Many new parents report feeling confused or overwhelmed by varying advice coming in from all directions. There is often pressure to preserve stability in the family, balance new responsibilities with prior commitments, and maintain a healthy relationship with a partner. At FRCC, we offer caregivers a chance to meet with a qualified therapist to gain support as well as discuss healthy parenting techniques. Individual or couples counseling is an option, while some parents prefer to have their infant present. In addition, we offer private and group infant massage classes, a wonderful resource for parents to learn the techniques of infant massage, stimulate healthy development, and enhance the bonding process.


Areas Of Treatment:

  • Certified infant massage
  • Developmental disorders or concerns
  • Emotional regulation


Parenting Support

Parenthood, the most wonderfully challenging role you can take on. One minute you feel competent and empowered, and the next overwhelmed and confused. You set out with good intentions, yet the path to meeting your parental goals might not always be clear. What felt effective one day, may not the next as your child is changing physically, cognitively, and emotionally. In addition, many parents are facing a variety of environmental factors such as balancing work life and parenthood, financial and/or family stress, possible trauma, and even a parent’s own personal stress level and mood. There are so many variants on a day-to-day basis that play into your ability to parent and make the best decisions you can, which may leave you questioning yourself and needing help.

Through the therapeutic process, you can gain support and guidance, as well as knowledge about child development and neurological growth. The goal is to help you feel comfortable and empowered in your decision-making process.