Am I “Enjoying the Moment” Enough? A Note to New Parents


I am writing this while my young daughter naps. I think to myself, “Type! Type faster… Hurry!” However, my thoughts and feelings about being a parent race faster than my fingers can move. Motherhood is so much more than a word. It is a feeling, an identity, and a way of life. People say when you have children your own life is on-hold, your individual identity gone. But, no; with parenthood, life is expanded. As a psychologist and parent, I integrate professional knowledge with personal experience. Most importantly, I apply the information in a way that makes sense for my daughter and me. I certainly don’t have all of the answers, but I remain conscious of our individual relationship as it evolves day to day. This blog is a glimpse into my process.

When you first bring your child home, you may still be in a daze that you now have a little person with you. Each day you gain insight about who this little one is and what your unique rhythm will be. I come from a large family, so I was fortunate enough to be comfortable with babies. However, when it is your own child, there are different feelings, responsibilities, exhaustion, as well as a noticeable decline in the ability to retain information. (The other day as I worked on my computer, I noticed the battery was depleted. Determined to charge my computer before it shut down, I ran to the kitchen. A few minutes later I sat back at my computer with only a chocolate chip cookie in hand…no charger in sight!) I know in the first few weeks I felt overwhelmed with love and also just plain overwhelmed. I didn’t always know what my daughter needed, everywhere I turned there was a new “break-through” theory in parenting or a must-have baby product. Not to mention, I was crying at any news story, good or bad, about a child. Advice could be found on every subject ? food, products, schedules, pediatricians, shots, sleep, classes. I could go on and on.